Waiting for your coverage to start?

Here are some steps you can take before receiving your ID cards
Have you enrolled in your employer health coverage, but your ID cards have not arrived yet? While you wait to receive your ID cards and begin utilizing your coverage, here are some steps to take.

Learn how to Sign in to your online member portal.

As soon as we receive enrollment information from your employer, there is already an account set up and ready to utilize. You will login Here with your Member ID # as your username, and the policy holder's date of birth in format MMDDYYYY with no dashes or spaces. The member online portal allows you to do things such as: Manage claim information, view where you are at with your deductible, and even make payments towards your claims.

See if your providers are in the plan network.

Check to see if your provider is in network by using the Provider Directory. Utilizing in network providers is always recommended as it can often save you money. Non network providers may bill charges above what the plan will pay. If your current provider is out of network, please refer to our Choosing a Provider resource page or contact our customer support team.