Choosing a doctor

Choosing a doctor can be difficult when something as important as your health is on the line. Here are a few steps to help ensure your doctor is right for you.

1. Is the provider in your plan network?

Before scheduling an appointment it is very important to check and see if the provider is participating. To confirm if your provider is participating in network, we always recommend using the provider search. It is always recommended to stay in network, as you receive the best benefit as well as avoid any balance billing from providers.

2. Do your research.

Ask friends and family if they recommend their doctors. You may even be able to read online reviews for doctors in your area. You can also check if the doctor is board certified. Board certification is a sign of going above and beyond the state licensing requirements and receiving supervised in-practice training. Board certification is a barometer of a physician’s ongoing knowledge and dedication to the field.

3. Call the office for more information.

Call the doctor’s office and ask them any questions you have to help you decide. Make sure to ask some important questions such as:

4. Make an appointment.

When you call to make your appointment, have your insurance card on hand. It might take more than one visit to figure out if a doctor is the right one for you.