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About Samera Health

Today, as Samera Health, we continue to extend our service and partnership resources to employers looking for innovative benefit designs with proven cost saving results for their employee benefit packages. By delivering customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves in having long term relationships with each of our clients. Contact us today to see what Samera Health can do for your organization.

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Our company vision

We will build business relationships based on a professional, individualized and affordable approach relying on ethical and sound solutions.

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Our company mission

We will exceed client expectations while offering timely, effective and fair business solutions to our customers.  We will provide friendly, personalized service based on extensive industry experience with a commitment to fostering positive relationships.

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What people say about Samera Health

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HR Administrator

Here at iFIT our experience with Samera Health has been an excellent one. Samera has gone above and beyond for our nationally spread employees, by always being willing to work with them and investigate even the smallest questions. I would highly recommend Samera Health.


Samera Health has vastly improved my health insurance experience. Their team truly cares about me as a member. I have always dreaded dealing with insurance companies due to the long wait times, inexperienced customer support, and general lack of care for members. Samera Health has truly changed my view on what insurance CAN and SHOULD be. They have made my health insurance interaction a positive experience.

HR Administrator

Samera health insurance is by far one of the best insurance providers I have worked with.  Customer Service is extremely responsive. Their chat feature is quick and easy to use. I have worked with the entire staff at Samera and would recommend this provider to any company looking to switch over.